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Who is Norris?

Norris Williams is an Investor & Financial Educator who teaches the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of wealth-building.  As a Financial Advisor for 10 years and a Speaker/Trainer for another 10 years, Mr. Williams has gained unique insight into the inner game of the wealth equation.  The driving message for all our companies is, “to build wealth, you must build yourself”. 

Under our Education Company, NorrisNetwork Training Technologies, Mr. Williams has also produced 2 digital courses to designed to assist seekers of financial truths, and are willing to implement these blueprints immediately in their lives:

How to Create Your Own Investment Capital, a premium digital course designed to address the #1 concern citizens have expressed with being able to invest for their futures.  That concern is, “Norris I just don’t have the money”.  This course eliminates that concern. 

Confidence = CashFlow:  How to Build Yourself So That You Can Build Your Wealth.(Currently Closed)

This Digital Course addresses, very directly, the real reason the multitude don't succeed with cashflow abundance.  Together, we tackle the inner game of wealth, from the blocks you may have from trauma you experienced on your life path to the excuses you create to the very real fear of success you may have.  

As an Amazon Bestseller of the 2013 book, How to Transform Your Business Into an Empire, Norris has been invited to speak and train for several companies, colleges, and private events. 

For those interested in the opportunity to invest in deals alongside Mr. Williams and his other investing partners, the Greenleaf Heritage Equity Group invests in multi-unit, income-producing Real Estate in the Ark-La-Tex (Southwest Arkansas, East Texas, and West Louisiana) regional area.  Norris serves as Managing Partner of GreenLeaf Heritage, and invests his own money in every deal alongside his fellow investors.

For all inquiries, whether business or media, please fill in the contact form below