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Who is Norris?


Norris Williams is an Investor & Motivator who teaches entrepreneurs how to build wealth, by first building themselves.  The ageless truth is your outer world is always a direct reflection of your inner world.  As an Amazon #1 Bestseller and one of the highest paid coaches in the World, Norris focuses 5% on developing skill and 95% on developing will.  

The most direct way to build wealth is through business ownership.  It's not the only way, but it is the most direct and is the most predictable.  The part most business owners get wrong is they put emphasis on mastering business, but pay very little attention to mastering themselves.  Start There.  That's where the magic is found.  To Build Wealth, you must first Build Yourself. 



Also, Mr. Williams founded The Williams Family Foundation to give back to the community from which he came.  

The purpose and directive of the Foundation is as follows:

The Williams Family Foundation provides strategic support to groups, organizations, and foundations that work directly with underprivileged, at-risk, and under-educated youth and some adults. There are many persons doing great work “on the ground” and we aim to be a partner with them in the fight to raise the level of living for us all.